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Kale is popping up everywhere — from health food cafes to chic, fancy restaurants. It’s even showing up in milkshakes (yes, there is a vegan blueberry kale shake at Sun Cafe in Studio City that’s surprisingly delicious).

I had lunch at Mori Sushi in Los Angeles last week with two friends. I thought I’d be free from kale in a sushi bar that’s so authentic the chef grows his own rice and uses real crab in his California roll.

But then I looked down at my Japanese salad with traditional yuzu dressing and whoa! There was kale in the salad!

Kale knows no bounds, people!

Before you know it, it’ll be in toothpaste, candles, clothing (it’s very high in fibre – I’ll bet hemp doesn’t hold a candle to it — or should I say pipe?), and we’ll be loading it into our gas tanks instead of gasoline. Kale really is the new beef.