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ImageOne of my husband’s best friends grows figs in his back yard, as do his parents, who smuggled the seedling into the US from their hometown in southern Italy. The figs are always delicious, maybe because they’re shepherded through the growth process by knowing hands, maybe because they’re given with love. This salad can be made with either black mission or green figs. The sweet fig taste is the perfect complement to mild, curly green kale in a light, fruity vinaigrette.


•   Kale – green curly – minced into tiny pieces and massaged with 1/8 t of the olive oil for 1 minute

•   Figs -mission or green figs, sliced into quarters or smaller

•   Carrots – in thin slices

•   English Cucumber – quartered lengthwise and sliced


2 T         Olive oil

2 T         Seasoned rice vinegar

2 t          Pomegranate balsamic vinegar

1/8 t       Sea salt

5 turns   Coarsely ground black pepper